PC - Mac Experts, english speaking on site support in Rome

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ITLAB360 IT Experts provide PC computers and Mac IT support services in Rome (Italy) area for home users and small business.

All our technicians are english speaking: our range of professional services can be managed in english.

This particular skill, in a "complicated" City like Rome is really appreciated by many foreign customers.

The service is aimed at improving user's IT experience using new equipment or software, or when IT just goes wrong, and more...

ITLAB360 services include data backup, disaster recovery, smartphones / mobiles / cameras help, virus protection, IT security, tutor / lessons, office IT consulting and much more for as low as 50 € + Vat (home users), per hour and no call out charge.

ITLAB360 english speaking technicians can be on site in eight hours or we can support you QUICKLY by remote assistance


High quality service guaranteed.

Infoline: +39.347.8896655

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